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About Aro Wire 

lotus lamp shade frame

Welcome to Aro wire Victorian Lamp Frames Company. We are so proud to continue the tradition of making old world style lamp frames for the lighting industry for generations. We have been offering these unique frames that are made with detail and precision to thousands of Victorian Lamp Shade stores and lamp shade makers for years. 

Kathleen Caid Victorian Lamp ShadesManufacturing all types of lamp frame styles:

  • Bed Frame Styles
  • Crowns
  • Square lamp frames
  • Oval lamp frames
  • Rectangle lamp frames
  • Unique lamp frames

If you are in the area, please stop by our warehouse and pick up your order or bring your lamp frame project to us. We are skilled artisans who have been part of Aro wire company for many years and are here to serve you.

As a loyal customer, you may have noticed our recent webdesign change. We will be offering better images, easier ways to view our lamp frame styles, and share them with your friends digitally through our new social mediums like Pinterest, Instagram, and more.

View our lamp frames catalog online through

Image courtesy of Kathleen Caid


Please feel free to contact us to place your order 626-765-4512-

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