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Bringing you old world style

Victorian Style Lamp Frames

Create your masterpiece today

Uniquely made from selected wires
serving the lighting industry for generations

  • Unique Styles

    Arowire offers the most unique shapes and styles for your lighting projects.

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  • We Specialize in Details

    Handcrafting wire frames with precision to produce quality frames.

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  • Custom Made Frames

    Design your lamp shade masterpiece and send us your custom order details.

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Design Elegant Victorian Lamp Shades

Your Victorian Lamp Frames Supplier
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      Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA

      Mon – Fri: 5AM – 1PM

      Telephone: 626-765-4512

      Images Courtesy of

      Main Image: Cristine Kilger from Nightshades and 2nd image from Kathleen Caid



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